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Friday, July 19, 2013

J New 01 Webs

J New 03 Webs

I believe this little girl is starting kindergarten this year.

She has a little sister now.

Time goes by fast and they sure grow up quickly.

She was one of several of my very first clients when I began in photography years ago.

I couldn't believe these pictures didn't make it to her gallery. But when I looked through her photographs from this session, I know why. This is the same session that some of my favorite pictures still today came from.....the pictures of her in the vintage pram.

I hope you enjoyed this Give Back Friday!

A new one will be posted every Friday morning, so be sure to visit here to see if your little one is the "Give Back Friday" pick for the week.

Alison, these pictures will be sent to you shortly.

~Amber Hope

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