Give Back Fridays.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I have decided to start something new.

I have decided to post every Friday, a picture or two from sessions I have photographed in the past.

There may be only one picture or there may be several.

I am going to pick them randomly, pull a few pictures that never made it to a clients gallery (for one of many reasons), edit and post these pictures, and give a little history behind the photographs.

Then, providing I have the clients contact information, these pictures will be sent to the home they belong in.

It all started with going through this blog and categorizing posts. I realized there are so many photographs that aren't here (being that they are on the old blog and never were transferred over). I then started going through the folders that I have and realizing there are so many pictures that are amazing and never made it to a gallery. Most of the time it was because the gallery was already full of amazing photographs, and I had already gone over the number of pictures that I allow and I had to pick the very best ones for the gallery.

I can't wait to begin this.

I already have tomorrow's "Give Back Fridays" photographs ready to go.

Who is it?

I'll never tell, you will just have to wait and see.

~Amber Hope

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