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Saturday, October 29, 2016

This Fresh 48 session is of my sweet nephew, Cooper, photographed in January 2012.

This past summer my sister lost her home in a house fire.

All printed photographs were consumed by the fire.

Thankfully, she had a small external hard drive that was untouched by the fire, smoke and water.

Her boy's hospital pictures......gone.

Her home.......gone.

As she and her husband begin to rebuild, it makes our family very happy to see the new memories her and her husband and children are creating in their new home.

Someday soon, after all the painting and construction is complete, she will be able to make new albums and hang pictures on her walls once again.

I am thankful to have had these pictures and several other pictures of her boys tucked away.

Prints are great.

Digitals are great.

But having both, in this case........priceless.

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