Season of the Chief

Monday, September 2, 2013

For today's Military Monday post, I am posting one of my own.

I thought it was fitting since this is the time of year for the Navy Chief. 

September 18th, 2010, my husband became a Navy Chief.

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Chief 03 Blog

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Chief 01 Blog

I am proud of him and what he has achieved all these years in his service to our country.

{ written by me, for his charge book the year he became a Chief }

He is a man of honor. 
He is a loving and faithful husband. 
He is a dedicated father. 
He is a man of faith and honesty. 
He is a man of courage. 
He is a man of strength and discipline. 
He is a man of dignity. 
He is a man of trust, and values that trust. 
He is giving and kind. 
He is full of compassion and hope. 
He is a leader. 
He is our anchor, the one that makes our family whole. 

And now this year, he will be a sponsor to a well deserving Sailor.

~Amber Hope

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