The Call.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Call

I did a post earlier about something that I was going to be announcing.

For all of you who have been wondering where I have been for the past two months....this is it.

It has taken me quite some time to adjust to the fact of knowing that my husband will be deploying again. He will be deployed to Afghanistan, again. Unlike last time, we have more than a few weeks to prepare. Although I'm not sure which is better taken, a few weeks or a few months.....having that deployment date on your mind all the time, it really feels like a clock counting down the days.

I am cherishing each moment we have together as a family right now. Because I know next year there will be no family vacations, no sitting at our son's football games together and cheering him on, no date nights, no holidays celebrated together....I could go on and on. I know he will be there, thinking of us, but we will be separated by thousands of miles. I have been through one of these deployments before, this time I know what to expect(or at least I hope I do). Which is why I am going to make each and every day count. That way next year, when he is deployed, my children will be able to look back and remember these memories we made together as a family before he left.

I have put a lot of thought and decision making into where I am going to go from here with my photography business. I have a lot of loyal clients, ones who have became friends. And with a heavy heart I have decided to make a few changes.

As of right now I will be scheduling a limited number of sessions throughout the rest of the year. There will be no sessions scheduled in December and January. I will still be booking sessions, just not as many as what I normally do. Please don't hesitate to ask about scheduling a session. I will be announcing my schedule through October soon. If you would like to schedule for one of the days I have available please feel free to contact me about the date you would like to schedule. More days may open up, especially with the amount of training my husband will be doing.

Thank you for your understanding.

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