Saturday, October 2, 2010

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The talent of photography seems to run in our family. My sister recently has shown a great interest in wanting to learn. I of course, am thrilled to be able to share something I am passionate about with my sister.
I know she will do great things with her talent as well. She spent the earlier part of the week shooting and learning the camera and all the great things I have learned in my years of experience.
I always knew she had the talent, you can see it displayed in her beautiful home walking down the hallway to her children's bedrooms. I've always told her she needs to go into photography too. I knew she had it when the picture above loaded up on my computer.....any doubts she may have had about "making it in the photography world" I hope are all now gone. I love the picture she took of the little girl, Olivia, above. We've also had a great time spending the evening chatting, laughing, chasing kids and learning and teaching photoshop, although we have been more able to get more teaching/learning done since we tucked the kids into bed (any other mom's will understand).
She is looking forward to all the excitement that this business will bring her. I will keep everyone updated on her progress. Who know's maybe someday we could become a team.
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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. You are the best big sister a girl could ask for!
    Love You!