Defending Our Freedom

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Deployments are always hard to prepare yourself for, especially when you've already been through one. They are filled with lots of prayers, tears and hope. This wonderful family is getting ready to go through a deployment. In only a few days he will be leaving, kissing his wife and children goodbye and going overseas to defend our freedom.
It was an honor to be able to capture these pictures for them. I know my own children, when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan, loved being able to hold and see pictures of them with their Daddy while he was gone. It was their little bit of hope, a way to keep him close to them while he was gone.
My hope is that these pictures will bring comfort and joy to this family while he is deployed.
Military 13k 57

Military 12k 57

Military 17BnW 57

Military 22BnW 57

Military 24k 57

Military 10k 57

Military 02BnW 57

Jodi, I pray the days of separation from deployment will go by quickly for you and your children and that your husband returns home safe to you soon. God bless him and keep him safe.

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